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About Us

Our hearts live in the underground.
We obsess over the underground.
Our ears pressed firmly to the underground.
The sound. The sound. The sound.

We are rooted to the underground.
With nothing but a Blue Orb encircling us,
Keeping all the precious music in,
While permeating to all the reaches of the universe.

The sound of our underground travels
For sound is never created nor destroyed.
For as long as there is sound, there lives our statement in Blue Orb.

Blue Orb Records was founded in 2010 by a musical and business-minded husband-and-wife-team, when their respective music careers reached new heights. Home-based in San Francisco, CA, their network of industry connections grew rapidly – whether that consisted of fellow producers with their elevated home-grown house creations, globe-trotting A-list DJs they played alongside with, or their dedicated fan-base that grew addicted to their unique and sought-after sound. Very quickly, the mission statement that Blue Orb Records lived by took root (“to keep underground electronic music alive”) as they showcased quality artists who understood dance-floor psychology in the form of delivering timeless, danceable tracks procured by the selective DJ and dancer alike.

The Blue Orb brand instantly became known as a label where productions were fast-risers on the Beatport Charts. Any of the artists recruited were gracing the charts’ pinnacle of the famed Top 100 categories in Techno, Tech-House, and Deep House. Consistently, Blue Orb Records were grinding out hit after hit, recognizing their artists in world-class venues and accelerating the credibility of the Label with each top track released.

Enjoy Blue Orb’s sound each month with new releases, keeping their fans on their toes. When you support Blue Orb, you advance the underground scene substantially – let’s keep our scene, and what we call home, alive.

Bardia F – Big Papa Boss
Thuyvu – Co-Owner
Rishi K. – Label Manager [Deep House]
Ray Kang – Label Manager [Media & Promotions]

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